‘You wanna talk smack now?’

By Sandra Rose

Photo may have been deleted

Screencap: Twitter

A Black nurse who worked at the same hospital for 20 years was summoned to a meeting with the medical director and told she was fired.

You won’t believe what happened next.

After the medical director told the nurse she was terminated, an employee asked her, “You wanna talk smack now?”

The nurse looked worried as she saw another employee filming on their cell phone. The nurse turned to leave, but just then the doctor said, “I know you’re closing on a house, so we want to give you some things.”

Photo may have been deleted

Screencap: Twitter

Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out $ 10,000 in cash. But wait, there’s more.

Another doctor also blessed the nurse with $ 10,000 in cash!

They must really value their colleague to empty their bank accounts for her!

Watch the video below.

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