WME Signs Christian Tafdrup’s “Speak No Evil” Sundance Midnight Madness – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: WME signs subscription to Christian Tafdrup, Danish director at the Sundance Film Festival Don’t say evil will be released on the genre streaming site Shudder. Last night the movie bowed.

Don't say evil

“Don’t say evil”
Sundance Film Festival

According to Sundance, here’s the film’s logline: while vacationing in Tuscany, a Danish family quickly befriends a family traveler from the Netherlands. A few months later, when an invitation arrives encouraging a Danish family to visit the Dutch in their country house, they unhesitatingly plan a quick vacation. What was supposed to be an idyllic weekend is gradually beginning to unravel as Danes try to stay polite in the face of trouble.

The director co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Mads Tafdrup.

Earlier, Tafdrup became the director of the 2017 Danish satire Terrible woman in Denmark, and before that was an actor. Richard Cook and Steve Cash continue to represent him as an actor in Europe in London’s Subtitle Talent.

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