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At one of our recent webinars on resume development, Michael asked if TV and movies should be listed separately.

When you create a production resume, the type of work you did is much more important than for whom you did it. Therefore, in the first column should be your own job title.

Especially when you start, the difference between a set of software in a movie and a set of software in a single-camera show is negligible.1 The office software in the series has more in common with the office software in the neighborhood movie than the software for shooting on their own.

It’s easier and easier to combine everything in a resume, no matter where it comes out in the end.

Which is not to say that there are no differences

The films are running slower day by day. They only shoot a few pages a day, sometimes less. At the same time, all production will be completed in just a couple of months.

A day in the series is likely to be crazier if you need to design eight pages before the end. But even a short season lasts longer than most movie sessions. And if the show is revived, you could work with the same people for years.

One is not better than the other.2 In fact, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

But none of this really affects your resume. If you know how to navigate base camp and not shout racial epithets into walkie-talkies, it really doesn’t matter for AD if you were working on a TV show this week and a movie next. So, gather all your credits together and make them easy to read.

The game will boost your resume

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Footnotes (Ецца returns to text)

  1. I am, of course, talking primarily about single-chamber shows. Multicameral shows are another beast
  2. Commercials and music videos are another wax ball that is quickly removed and only for a limited time.↩

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