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Tyler Perry retires its iconic character Madeia from the Netflix movie.

“Homecoming Movie” is Tyler Perry’s first film to skip theaters and head directly to the streaming platform.

Netflix released the first trailer for “A Madea Homegoing” on Wednesday, after teasing the film on social media.

“Live broadcast from her backyard. I want to thank my incredible beehive moth. MS-Chella,” Perry wrote on Instagram.

The film is dedicated a drama that erupts at the celebration of Madeia’s great-grandson’s college graduation.

In 2019, Tyler killed his bright grandmother. He said it was time to retire an open elderly man who had a long criminal record of 9 years.

Madeo’s criminal history includes charges of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and car theft.

“I just don’t want her peers to play her,” Tyler, 52, said.

Madeia’s last role in a feature film was Madea Family Funeral in 2019.

Watch the trailer below.

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