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The concept can be expressed in different ways. It works in the family. As a father (or mother), as a son (or daughter). An apple never falls far from a tree. In each case, we are talking about either hereditary characteristics or acquired abilities that are passed from parent to child.

Understandably, when you grow up in a family full of creativity, something will affect children, whether it’s something in their genes (nature) or simply because of what’s going on around them (parenting). if your parents are musical, then there is a very high probability that you will also be a musician.

Now imagine that mom and / or dad are famous musicians. Cool people always come. There are tours and time in the studio, parties and industrial events. How have you not been affected by this environment? You just fall into a lifestyle. You learn to play, write and perform. And because your parents have some connections and relationships in the industry, you may have an inside line to building a career for yourself.

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Musical parents do not always mean musical children. But creativity can also be in the family. For example, Duncan Bowie (originally his parents David and Bowie Angels christened Zowie) was involved in filmmaking. Back in the 1960s, Jerry Lewis ’son, Gary, gave up acting and comedy, creating instead a successful pop group in the 60s called Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Patrick Schwarzenegger acted a bit like his dad, but his main occupation was running a clothing company.

However, the list of musical descendants is very long and is growing every year. Jason Bonham is a drummer, the son of John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Nora Jones is the daughter of Ravi Shankar, a favorite sitter of The Beatles. There’s Rosana Cash, Johnny’s daughter. Sean and Julian Lennon are the sons of John. Four of Frank Zappa’s five children have made musical careers. R&B singer Stella Santana is the daughter of Carlos. Miley is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. Adam Cohen is the son of Leonard. Carney and Wendy Wilson are the daughters of Brian of the Beach Boys. And most recently Wolfgang Van Halen is following in the footsteps of his father Eddie.

Here are a few more of the pair that may still not have come to your attention.

1. Jacob Dylan

Okay, so you probably know about this relationship. Jacob is the son of Bob and Sarah Dylan. Although he was the son of the world’s most famous folk singer, he preferred punk when he grew up delving into The Clash and the Buzzcocks. Several bands followed, and an attempt was stopped at a design school in New York. In 1989, he was in Los Angeles with a band called The Apples, which soon evolved into The Wallflowers.

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Their first album did not cause any charts and playlists of radio stations, but the second, Descending the horse, was a big hit. Jacob, the only regular member of the band, won a Grammy, hosted TV shows and toured the world with people like Tom Patty and, uh, Dad.

2. Joey and Jacob Armstrong

Billy Joe Armstrong met Adrienne Nesser in 1990, just as Green Day was beginning. Their first child, Joseph Marciano Armstrong (named after Joey Ramona and Rocky Martian), appeared in February 1995. Three years later, Jacob Denger Armstrong appeared.

Both boys followed their father. Joe was the first to form a band that was originally known as Emily’s Army, in one version of which was Jacob on bass. In the end, each went their own way with their groups.

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Joey’s current band is called SWMRS and has recorded quite a bit of material over the last five years.

Meanwhile Jacob’s latest project is called Ultra Q. They kind of sound like The Strokes.

3. Eli Husson

When he was born, his parents Paul and Eli christened Elijah Bob Patricia Gugi K ‘Husson. Paul Hewson is certainly Bono’s real name with U2. Although Dad was one of the biggest rock stars in the known universe, Ellie didn’t realize that his dad had something special until he was 10 years old. Even then, it took him another three years to pursue music.

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In 2012, he and some school friends created Inhaler along with Eli. No one in the group is interested in help from the singer’s relatives – and vice versa. Eli talks about how the band was in London and learned that their Airbnb is unavailable. Eli called his mom and asked, “Hey, do you know good hotels?” Mom replied, “Well, there’s always a park bench.”

The inhaler promises a lot. And yes, Ellie really sounds like a dad.

4. Levi Evans

Levy, who grew up next door to Eli, is the only son of The Edge from U2. For a long time, Levi stayed out of focus, although he received several guitar and piano lessons from his father. For a while he was happy to just post his musical reflections on Instagram. The feedback was enough for him to start recording under the name Mutlee, where his rap and rhymes sounded. In 2021, he rebranded under his own name with a change of style. It was his debut single at this new stage of his career.

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5. Zach Starkey

If your dad was a drummer at The Beatles, it makes sense that you would also become a drummer. Zack received his first drum kit as a gift from Keith Moon, who was also his godfather. Dad gave him exactly one lesson while trying to convince him to be a doctor or a lawyer. It didn’t work.

First there was a garage band called The Next, and then there was a concert in the reformed version of The Spencer Davis Group. Dad then forced him to perform with his All-Starr Band, which was for Zack a start as a hired drummer with many other performers, including Johnny Mara of The Smiths. He also played with The Who, The Waterboys, Icicle Works and Hollywood Vampires. And then there was the period when he was held for Oasis.

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6. Suspect208 / S8nt Electrician

Unfortunately, the group never got a chance to rise. As part of Ty Trujillo (son of bassist Metallica, Robert), London Hudson (child of Slash) and Noah Weiland (son of Scott of Stone Temple Pilots) broke up because Noah could not keep them together long enough for the band to rehearse. (Like a father, like a son, right?) Sorry because they sounded great.

When the band disbanded, London and his bandmate Nika Tsangaris created the S8nt Elektric. They are also good.

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7. Willow

Will Smith, the daughter of Will and Judy, began releasing music when she was just 10 years old, and entered the top 15 pop hits from “Whip My Hair. This led to a deal with Jay-Z Roc Nation, which resulted in several more singles from the three albums. Her fourth album, released in 2021, showed a big change in direction with much of the pop punk approach. And who better to help than Travis Barker of Blink-182?

Here are a few more sons / daughters working in the wings.

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Francis Bean Cobain: She threw fragments of songs on the Internet (for example, this melody, Angel) for many years. Obviously, she has the same talent as her famous parents, but she hasn’t missed anything yet.

Tony Carnell: Chris’ daughter speaks after his death. Her duet with Dad Nothing compares to 2 U nothing short of stunning.

Violet Grohl: Dave’s eldest daughter also threatens a music career. Dad even made her sing that song, Nausea.

Miles and Lane Ulrich: With Miles on drums and his younger brother Lane on bass, the sons of drummer Metallica are now working together in a band called Taipei Houston, creating a sound that is somewhere between The White Stripes and Royal Blood. Expect to hear more from them over the next year or so.

Olivia Wedder: Last year, Eddie’s daughter appeared in the film’s soundtrack Flag Day sing a song called My father’s daughter. A sign of what will happen?

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