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When Tig Notaro received a request from Coldplay singer Chris Martin to surprise his girlfriend Dakota Johnson’s 30th birthday, she had one question: “Are you sure she told me?” The 50-year-old Notary was assured that she was, in fact, a favorite comedian Fifty shades of gray star. However, she pushed away from the seven-time Grammy owner, saying, “I don’t want to go on stage and have her turn to you and say, ‘When did I say I like her?’

But Martin was right, and Johnson was pleasantly surprised by Notar’s appearance on his birthday. Now, almost two and a half years later, Johnson has starred Am I okay?, the directorial debut of Notary and wife Stephanie Elin, 36, which premieres Jan. 24 at the Sundance Film Festival. Author of the film Ellen DeGeneres Show lead writer Lauren Pomerantz sees Johnson as a lost 30-year-old who is coming out and struggling to build her personal relationship, especially with her longtime best friend.

Recently, the release of the film has been reserved for young people (see Love, Simon) or, as Alin estimates, “There is an obstacle, it is a religious problem or your family.” У Am I okay?, the co-directors wanted to portray sexual discovery later in life and inner consequences – an experience with which Elin personally identifies. “I was only with Tig, and then I was thrown to reboot The word L: generation Q, and I was suddenly thrown into this community, which I didn’t really feel young, ”she says. “You feel, ‘My God, what did I do all the time when I didn’t do it, or wasn’t I gay?’

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Two weeks before the start of filming, the COVID-19 pandemic stopped production. Alin and Notary spent the next year at their home in Los Angeles with their 5-year-old twin sons, Finn and Max, and three cats. When the city allowed filming to resume, the pre-pandemic vaccine production date was set for February, which raised additional levels of concern as Notary survived breast cancer. “I would say I felt pretty scared, to be honest,” she says of the filming. “I just kept feeling the fear that, ‘My God, if I get COVID, I’ll go numb.’ The 21-day filming ended with two COVID-19 shutdowns, but the filming was surprisingly certain: “It made me understand how isolation, masks, zones and all that work.”

As for directing, the couple never thought of making individual debuts. “We are so lucky to have the same taste and sensuality,” explains Elin. “We could always go back to that and let it guide us. Otherwise, I think it really could [have gone] hay ». And the premiere of “Sundance” marks a moment of complete circle for the couple. Notary, who volunteered for the festival in the 1990s, and Alin first met on a 2013 indie filming In the world…, who debuted at the Park City Festival. “And now we are married, have children and a production company,” says Notary. “Without Stephanie there is no world where I would go into the plot.”

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