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The White House plans to distribute 400 million N95 dust masks for free next week, The Washington Post reported.

The news came a day after the White House launched its website to distribute millions of free home rapid tests for the COVID antigen.

Respiratory masks N95 are densely woven three-layer masks made of synthetic fabric, which are usually worn by medical professionals, painters and factory workers to filter bacteria, dust, spray paint and other large particles.

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N95 masks are so named because they filter out 95% of particles up to 0.3 microns in size.

The coronavirus is about 0.1 microns in size or smaller.

In 2020, the press. Joe Biden has announced a joint effort with the U.S. Postal Service to send millions of blue surgical face masks to American homes.

However, late last year the CDC finally recognized that blue surgical masks are useless against the virus. Surgical masks have been designed to capture larger bacteria, not viruses.

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The CDC has recommended N95 or KN95 masks for adults and children to combat the mild Omicron virus.

The White House said the N95 masks would be distributed by the Strategic National Reserve, which has about 750 million N95 masks.

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