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THE SCOOP What You Need To Know As Ontario Lifts Restrictions For Arts Venues

For those working in Ontario’s arts, culture and recreation sector, March 1, 2022, could not have come soon enough.

Tuesday is scheduled to be the date for the next set of public health precautions to be withdrawn.

Back to full capacity

Sporting and concerts events that have been operating at 50% capacity since Jan. 31, 2022, can now fully open starting tomorrow.

It is expected that Ontario’s proof of vaccination requirement for indoor non-essential public gatherings will also be lifted this week. In industries like long-term care and health care, vaccination mandates will remain in force.

The choice remains…

Expect we expect many venues many choose to keep the requirement for full vaccination status in place. Examples include the National Arts Center, which has stated they intend to continue to ask patrons for proof of vaccination as a requirement for entrance to the building until further notice.

What about masks?

Masking will continue, but officials have hinted that it could be abolished by the end of March.

Other rules, such as forced isolation and vaccine mandates in particular workplaces, may be altered or canceled in the coming weeks.

A word of caution

Many Ontario people will be relieved to hear that these public health precautions have been lifted, but other experts warn that vigilance is still needed.

“The point is that the pandemic will not be over just yet,” said Dr. Peter Jüni, a member of Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Table. “… I know people don’t want to hear that,” he added. “We just need to be aware of that, that’s the reality. This will not immediately become endemic. ”


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Michael Vincent
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Michael Vincent
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