The middle scenario and weak climax reduce the impact of HUM DO HAMARE DO

Hum Do Hamare Do Review {2.5 / 5} and review rating

HUM DO HAMARE DO is the story of a man who makes fake parents impress the girl he loves. Dhruv Shikhar (Rajkumar Rao) is an orphan who worked as a child in the dhaba led by Purshot Mishra (Paresh Rawal). One day he runs away and studies hard. He then became a successful entrepreneur and creator of a VR app called Jaadugar. At the launch of his app, he meets Anya Mehra (Crete Sanon), a vlogger. He falls in love with her and she also starts to like him. However, she wants to marry a man who has a nice family. She also has reason to do so. Her parents died when she was a child. Her chacha Dr. Sanjay Mehra (Manu Rishi Chadha) and his wife Rupa Mehra (Prachi Shah Panda) raised her as their own child. Dhruv fears that if he tells her the truth that he has no one in this world, she may leave him. So he lies that he stays with his parents. Anya agrees to marry him. Then he, along with his best friend Shunti (Aparhakti Hurana) decides to find a man and a woman who can pretend to be his parents. Shunti takes him to Shadiraam (Sanand Verma). He is an expert in wedding planning and can also help get fake guests. He lines up hundreds of men and women for Dhruv’s demands. Unfortunately, none of them meet the requirements. At this point, Dhruv recalls Purshottam, who has now retired and settled in Shimla. He also understands that he is in love with Dipti Kasyap (Ratna Pathak Shah), who also lives in Shimla. Purshottam knows she lives in the same city, but is afraid to approach her. When Dhruv learns that Dipti is the old flame of Purshottam, he convinces her to become her mother. She agrees, and as soon as she finds herself on board, Purshottam also follows her example and agrees to become his father. Then Ani’s family and Dhru’s “family” meet at a restaurant. Everything is going well until Purshottam drinks too many drinks. He becomes so emotional that he asks for Dipty’s hands. The frightened Dipty leaves. Someone in a restaurant shoots a video with an offer and it goes viral. This confuses Dr. Mehra, and he is now considering whether to allow Ani to marry into such a family. What happens next shapes the rest of the film.

The story of Deepak Venkateshan and Abhishek Jaina is very fascinating and can become a funny and emotional saga. Proschan Ja’s script does not fit into such a wonderful plot. Some funny and emotional scenes really stand out, but overall some events are hard to digest. Proshanta Ja’s dialogues are great places, but overall could have been better. Some similar scenes in this space recently, such as BADHAAI HO [2018]BALL [2019]MIMI [2021] etc. set a benchmark, and this film can’t pass them by in terms of a single line.

Abhishek Jain’s directing is decent, although he has controlled the text much better in his previous regional films. He handles the romantic track well, as well as the part in the second half when Dhruv connects with his pretentious parents. Also, the interval point is laughable. But the film is fragmented, which is to blame even the editing. There was the potential to add much more humor, but Abhishek misses that opportunity. Dhru’s explosion culminates unconvincingly. The climax comes hastily, and one marvels at how steadfast Dr. Sanjay Mehra has changed.

HUM DO HAMARE DO starts on a very sweet note. Dhruv and Ani’s first meeting is a bit awkward, but it works. The scenes of Dhruv and Ani’s novel are decent and laid the groundwork for the film. After a while, the person becomes restless, because he has already seen the trailers and how the story will unfold. Only when Purshot and Dipty agree to become Dhru’s parents does the film become interesting again. The scene where both families meet is funny. After the interval of the scene, when Anya stayed in Dhruv’s “family”, it was a good hour. A very touching scene where Dipti talks to Dhruv about a tense relationship with his son. It is expected that from this moment the film will be even better. However, both the previous climax and the climax do not have the desired effect.

Rajkumar Rao is doing well, but he is overshadowed by the high presence of Parash Rawal and Ratna Potak Shah. Kriti Sanon is suitable for this role and provides excellent work. Her screen time, however, is limited in the first half. Also, the love story suffers in general because a lot more things happen in the film. Paresh Raval is quite fascinating and enhances the impact. Ratna Pathak Shah is refined and one of the reasons why this film works to some extent. Mazel Vyas (Ani Kaniki’s sister) leaves a mark and is good in the scene where she interrogates Manu Rishi Chadhu in the previous climax. Huron’s oparchakti is fine, and his character gets a crude deal. Manu Rishi Chadha is reliable, and Prachi Shah Panda is excellent. Sanand Verma is a bit picky, but he works. Sartak Sharma (little Dhruv) is cute, and Habir Mehta (Chintu) performs well as a mischievous child. Avidjit Dat (boss of Dhruva) is wasted, and the same goes for Shibani Bedi (Shunti’s wife). Odita Taranch (Sanket) is fine.

Sachin-Jigar’s music cannot have a long shelf life. “Bansuri”, played in the latest captions and experiences a chartbuster. “camel” and Vedha Sajaya work well in the film. “Raul Pae Guy‘played for almost a minute. “Dum Gutkun” it turns out a good sad song. Von Sachin-Jigar is much better.

Amalanda Chaudhara’s cinematography is appropriate. The production design of Dayanidi Paturajan and Amrisha Patanj is neat. Rajkumar’s renovated house is particularly attractive but realistic. The costumes of Anisha Jain, Sucre Grover and Gia Maliki are rich. Deva Rao Jadhawa’s editorial office is disunited.

Overall, HUM DO HAMARE DO draws on the great storyline and great acting of the main actors, in particular Pares Raval and Ratna Pathak Shah. But the middle scenario and weak climax to some extent reduce the impact.

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