The hero of the action series T and yellow comes into play; shooting in london! : Bollywood News

This is a great day for the T-Series and Yellow Hero of action !. Today is Ayushman Hurran Action hero the first day of filming began in London. Co-produced by Color Yellow and T-Series fans are already expecting this film to be full of impressive actors. The filmmakers also released a video that captured the internet.

Ayushman Hurran, who is considered one of Bollywood’s most versatile actors, will join another multi-faceted actor, Jaidip Akhlavat. While Ayushman is due to start filming Muhurat today, Jaidip will start the schedule in the next two days. Director Anirud Ayer, showing the artist’s journey, both in front and behind the lens, should captivate the audience with his graceful action and unusual satirical sense of humor. In the film Ayushman can be seen in the skins of the hero of the militants.

Speaking about the film being released, Bhushan Kumar, chairman and managing director of T-Series, said: “We have been waiting a long time when we started shooting the film‘ Hero of Militants ’. We can’t believe the film is already coming out today and we’re excited to share it with you! The film has a fresh and bizarre story, mounted on a generous scale.

Speaking about the start of filming, cinematographer Aanand L. Rai said: “We are experimenting with this genre for the first time, and“ Action Hero ”will be a non-traditional artist. Today I am honored to watch the camera of Anirud, who is shooting his own film. I’ve seen him grow as a director, and nothing makes me happier than watching him totally own this movie! Today we started shooting Muhurat with great enthusiasm, and I am sure that the energy will be broadcast on the screen. “

Gulshan Kumar, T-Series and Aanand L Rai Action heroColor Yellow Production, director Anirud Ayer, producer Aanand L Rai, producers Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar.

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