The first authorized collection of NFT CHAMPIONS WORLD CHAMPIONS

Hamburg, December 2021. ChessBase, the world’s leading chess software company, is announcing the auction of a unique collection of 14 works of art featuring world chess champions. The illustration of each champion is a unique GIF measuring 1080 x 1080 pixels, which shows the designation of one of his most famous games, 3D rendering of the key position and a photo of the champion from his active time. They are all authorized by the champion himself or his family. descendants.

The exclusive NFT collection “CHAMPIONSHIP CHAMPIONS OF THE CHESS” presents iconic games of such great minds as Bobby Fisher, Anatoly Karpov, Vichy Anand or Vladimir Kramnik, with only one NFT per piece. Each work is offered only as a truly unique single work. In the future, the collection will expand. More information can be found at

The first authorized collection of NFT CHAMPIONS WORLD CHAMPIONS

The first authorized collection of NFT CHAMPIONS WORLD CHAMPIONS

Matthias Wulenweber, Managing Director of ChessBase, is proud to release this unrivaled NFT collection: “We want to honor the world chess champions with this collection. The bulk of the proceeds from the auction will go to them. We are now working to expand this collection.”

The auction at will run until January 12, 2022

ChessBase is a German media company whose chess software is now the world standard for world champions, professionals and ambitious amateurs.

According to Vichy Anand (2007-2013 World Champion), ChessBase has changed the chess world forever. It is more or less unthinkable not to work with him now. ” The company operates an international chess server, a chess news platform and develops game-changing chess programs such as “Fritz” as well as award-winning educational programs for children.

The entire collection is designed by Carl Eriksson, a Swede who lives and practices his skills on a bunch of exciting brands, including ChessBase in Hamburg, Germany.

ChessBase GmbH
Rainer Weissen, Managing Director
Osterbeckstrasse 90a
D-22083 Hamburg
Tel .: +49 40 63 90 60 0

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