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Tasha K wants you all to know that the show continues after she was ordered to pay the rapper $ 4 million Cardi B.

Last week Cardi B won the defamation suit she filed a lawsuit in 2019 accusing Tasha K of slander and libel on her in a video series.

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In the video, 39-year-old Tasha called the 29-year-old rapper a prostitute who used drugs and had a positive test for herpes.

Since then, the videos have been removed from Tasha K.’s YouTube channel.

According to RhymeswithSnitch, Tasha K does not back down.

In a video posted on her Youtube channel, Tasha K. blames the “car” for the loss in the courtroom and believes that the record label Cardi funded the lawsuit to protect their investment. Tasha K. also promised to fight for her rights to the first amendments until the Supreme Court.

Watch the restless video of Tasha K below:

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