Sundance 2022: Leonora will never die, Utama, you will not be alone Festivals and awards

There are shades of John Ford and Sergio Leone in the shots of cinematographer Barbara Alvarez that evoke their later revisionist films. We meet Virginia when he goes to the golden-yellow sun that sets over the hills of Bolivia. His constant heavy breathing is a clear indication that the stony old cowboy is not all right. Tensions between Virginia and Siza are heightened when their grandson Clever (Santos Choc) arrives from the city, urging them to come and live with him.

One day with the lamas, Virginia says to her grandson, “These are holy places.” Unlike the cowboys of classic westerns, Virginia mourns the loss of an entire culture that is on the verge of extinction due to migration related to climate change. Jose Calcina’s melancholy performance reminded me of Mary Twala Mhlong in “It’s Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection,” another film about the loss of heritage and community that is so inextricably linked to the earth.

In complete harmony with Calcina, Louise Quispe Sisa’s patient feels as alive as it can be. Her stoic face and actual manner of conversation precede the hidden well of emotions that come to the surface with vivid explosions. Never had a mortar and pestle spoken so loudly.

Meditative and deeply romantic, Utama understands that renewal is as inevitable as death, sometimes hope is a much richer path than despair, and that a home is a life you build with others.

Rooted in popular horror, Goran Stalewski “You will not be alone” begins with the witch Maria (Anamaria Marinka), who is trying to eat a child. “A little blood. That’s all. Newborn, ”she explains to her frightened mother Joanna (Kamka Tatsinouski). The deal is done. She will raise her child until adolescence and then give back. Hiding a child in a cave, Nevena (Sarah Klimoska) grows up unaware of the outside world. Mary, of course, finds the child, turning him into a black-capped witch like her. The rest of the fable-like story follows Nevena when she learns about life by taking on the identity of others.

To change form, these witches must consume the organs of the next form they take. Scars covered Maria, sometimes choosing for her new look a cat, a wild dog or a deer. These moments are horrible and not for the weak stomach. Despite her elaborate hairstyle and make-up, as well as Marinka’s devoted performance, Maria never feels as old-fashioned or grumpy as an old woman should feel.

Nevena’s journey begins when she accidentally kills her mother (Numi Rapas) and decides to take her face. Later, she tries to become a man (Carlata Cat), finally wanting to give birth to herself, a wife (Alice Englert). Each performer does a great job of perfectly portraying Nevena, perceiving each new experience with the same piercing searching gaze.

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