Sundance 2022: 20 movies we can’t wait to see Festivals and awards

Christian Tafdrup directs a brilliantly provocative and seething satirical work of horror, accusing both sides of setting his characters on a disturbing plunge into darkness. Both wickedly close to home and extremely strange, “Speak No Evil” suggests that the greatest cruelty lies in the senseless facades we invent for ourselves.


For four friends of Dean, Lola, Daisy and Marie, who will soon be leaving when everyone goes to high school, summer days are coming. Planning to spend the last weekend together, they come across a mystery that leads them to a life-changing adventure. Friends make a series of discoveries that relate equally to the unraveling of mystery as to the study of the harsh truths of maturation.

Director James Ponzoldt (The End of the Tour, 2015 and The Spectacular Now, 2013) returns to the Sundance Film Festival with a film for every generation. Combined with exciting youthful acting and the strong screenplay of Ponzoldt and co-author Benjamin Percy, Summering is a refreshing rarity compared to familiar animated films and special effects-focused films, usually aimed today at audiences of several generations.

“We need to talk about Cosby”

For nearly 50 years in show business, Bill Cosby has become one of America’s most famous black celebrities. With a career that included an astronomical rise on television in the mid-1960s; work in children’s programming and education; legendary performances and albums; and the sieve that defines the era, the “Cosby Show,” Cosby became a model of black excellence for millions of Americans. But now, thanks to the courageous and painful testimonies of dozens of women, we know that the man who was once called the “Dad of America” ​​had a sinister reality.

In four thrilling episodes that feature the voices of people closely associated with Cosby’s life on screen and beyond, including several survivors, director W. Kamau Bell learns who Cosby was and what his work and actions say. about America then and now. Weed To Talk About Cosby is a powerful and timely presentation that will be widely discussed because it encourages audiences to reconsider not only what they know about Cosby, but also the culture that created and glorified him.

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