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With over three decades in the game, Berlin producer Steve Bug is nothing short of an icon. As the head of multiple labels including Poker Flat and Raw Elements, Bug is not only one of the most influential tastemakers in electronic music, but an artist who knows quality when he sees it. But Bug’s true power lies in his ability to craft sophisticated and forward thinking music, working across a range of styles from melodic techno to classic piano house, as heard on his new EP and AUS Music debut, Back To ’95.

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This is an artist who literally lives his craft, approaching music with a dexterous instinct and imagination. In our latest podcast, we speak to Bug from his new studio space in Berlin, a one-room wonderland where he is free to play and create. Listen below as we touch on the process behind Bug’s recent EP Raving Butterflies with frequent collaborator Cleand get into how he arrived at house for Back To ’95.

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