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With over three decades in the game, Berlin’s Steve Bug’s “Relentless commitment to quality” has established him as one of the foremost tastemakers in the electronic music scene. As head of a number of influential labels including Raw Elements and Poker Flat, Bug’s unparalleled technical knowledge and taste has seen him expand his work beyond production and toward the shaping of dance music’s future. But his power really lies in his own work. Spanning styles across forms of techno, tech house, and melodic house, Bug has amassed a catalog that features some of dance music’s most forward thinking and expertly crafted tracks. His latest single, Back To ’95marks Bug’s debut on AUS Music and is a throwback to classic piano house laced with distinct touches of Bug acid.

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Opening with a steady four on the floor pulse and squirming, acidic synths, Back To ’95 begins its journey into the past with a spoken word sample of prolific American house DJ, Mr.V. “Everyone has their own perspective of what golden era house music is, right?” Mr.V opines, and Back To ’95 offers Bug’s answer to the rhetorical as it comes to life with a classic piano riff and backbeat kicks. It’s a total throwback in every sense, but throughout Bug’s distinct point of view keeps it from veering into uncanny territory.

Back To ’95 is distinct from Bug’s most recent release, the Raving Butterflies EP with Cle. That two track offering saw the frequent collaborators finding inspiration in the propulsive acid house and techno of their early days and a lucid sense of play. Bug’s work for AUS promises to be a release informed by the energy and pulse 90’s house in the classic sense, and it’s a style we couldn’t be happier to see him put his spin on.

Listen to Back To ’95 belowand look out for our exclusive podcast with Steve Bugwhere we chat about Raving Butterflies and the new EP, coming this week. Bug’s EP for AUS will be released on April 29.

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Steve Bug – Back To ’95

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