stars, scale, action and fun. Rohit Shetty presents the Blockbuster package on this Diwali.

Sooryavanshi review {4.5 / 5} and review rating

The wait was worth it!

Rohit Shetty designed, conceived and implemented SAORYAVANSHY for the big screen. He patiently waited nearly two years for the theaters to reopen so moviegoers could watch his latest creation on the big screen. After watching SOORYAVANSHI I sincerely believe that the decision to release SOORYAVANSHI in the cinema was the most correct decision.


Great movies are for the big screen, and SOORYAVANSHI is a really great entertainer to enjoy on the big screen, in the movie theater.

If you think about it, there are a lot of rides on the SOROYAVANS. Big money, yes. But most importantly, a film like SOORYAVANSHI will undoubtedly boost the spirit of an industry that is already going through the hardest phase due to a pandemic.

So let me get straight to the point. SAORYAVANSHY is one of the best works of Rohit Shetty. Like Manmahan Desai, he knows the pulse of the audience and serves a dish they like. It brings together the right elements at these 2.30, and in the end, you can’t help but scream, it’s – paisa-vasool entertainer.

Now to the storyline WITHOUT spoilers … SURYAVANSI tells the story of a brave policeman Soryavansha [Akshay Kumar]who decides to follow the organizer of the terrorist attacks. He faces obstacles, his wife [Katrina Kaif] almost coming out on him, he loses a few colleagues in this fight, but he stays focused.

On paper, the storyline of SOORYAVANSHI may seem predictable even to death, but the triumph lies in its script. The script is truly exciting for most parts, although it weakens in the first half due to the unwanted song and some romantic scenes shot on Aksha and Katrina.

Rohit perfectly combines drama and emotion and complements them with wonderful action movies. I would like to mention a few sequences here …

⭐️ Introduction to Aksha

⭐️ Chase and fight in Jaisalmer when Akshay grabbed Abhimanyu Singh

⭐️ Akshay confronts Gulshan Grover, who then confronts Rajendra Gupta

⭐️ Chase on bicycles, boats and helicopters in Bangkok

⭐️ Gulshan Grover’s arrest and immediate sequence when Akshay confronts his supporters

⭐️ Simba entrance [Ranveer Singh] and Singham [Ajay Devgn]

️ The song “Chodo Kal Ki Baatein” to the penultimate parts

Although the script is full of the right ingredients, Rohit makes sure he never strays from the main problem. The film has scale and content, and this is its biggest advantage. The dialogue is also well worded and fits well into the story.

DoP captures the scale of the film without any hiccups. The background score is spectacular, and the signature melody, when Simba and Singham appear on the screen, makes you nostalgic.

Public review of the first day of the first show Soryavanshi | Akshay Kumar | Katrina Kaif

Akshay returns to the action genre from SAORYAVANSHY. He indulges in fistfights, spews fire and poison, pumps bullets, defeats the villain and romanticizes Katrina. It should be added that it again shows extraordinary performance. In addition, his vague humor contributes to the element of fun.

Katrina has a decent role and she goes through it with ease. But the song “Tip Tip Barsa Paani” is sure to be met with whistles and claps mostly on single screens.

There are many characters in the film, but among those who stand out – Kumud Mishra [very good], Abhimanyu Singh [excellent], Gulshan Grover [first-rate], Rajendra Gupta [competent], Niktin Dhir [good], Sikandar Her [effective] and Sharvari Lohakare [super]. Jaaved Jaffery, as always, is reliable. Jackie Shroff plays an important role, but doesn’t get too many scenes to prove his manhood.

The presence of Ajay Devgn and Ranvir Singh is a really great blow. Their sequences largely only amplify the post-interval parts.

In general, SOORYAVANSHI has everything: stars, scale, action and entertainment. Rohit Shetty presents the Blockbuster package on this Diwali, which is sure to return the audience to the cinema in large numbers. CONVINCED SHOT.

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