“Spider-Man” leads in a quiet box office weekend, when the domestic grows to 720 million dollars + – deadline

Update for chart and more analysis Some studio executives say film screening is a 52-week business. Well, that’s not the philosophy this weekend, and it’s even gloomier next weekend, as most major companies after the MLK weekend and the traditional dead zone of the box office, like January when Omicron flies around, don’t have to P&A spend to lay out any the movie. Back in the good old days, and we’re talking five years ago, after MLK there was a time when Universal turned M. Knight’s horror film Shemalan Blumhouse Divide to an event starting at $ 40 million, and Paramount finished second in the Diesel Wine sequel xXx: The Return of Xandra Cage for $ 20.1 million.

Ghostface and Jen Ortega at Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group “Scream”.

And so we stop at Sony Spider-Man: No way home climbing to number 1 on his 6th weekend with $ 13.5 millionby putting his massive internal total on $ 720.4 million, and Paramount / Spyglass Media Scream on the second with -61% drop s $ 11.7 million, and a $ 50.6M Only ten days. The ease of the second weekend is about the same as Scream 4 (-61%), but richer than the previous installment, which brought in $ 7 million in Weekend 2, and among the second weekend franchises it ranks third. Scream 3 ($ 16.3 million) and Scream 2 ($ 13.9 million).

Spider-Man‘s cume by Sunday retains the title of blockbuster in 4th place among all films in the domestic box office. If the web slinger is going to beat Avatar and became the third highest-grossing film of all time in the United States and Canada, Spider-Man: No way home should make more than $ 40.1 million in business. After six weekends, No way home ahead of 31%. Avatar at the same time (which was $ 551.7 million by the end of the MLK frame), but the difference between the films is that Spider is more front – loading, while Avatar continued to make significant figures on the weekend of President’s Day (ie, the 6th weekend was $ 34.9 million, the 7th day – $ 31.2 million, the 8th – $ 22.85 million and a 4-day holiday – $ 28.7 million).

Major studio screenings are not expected to return until February 4 with Lionsgate science fiction Roland Emerich The moon and Paramount’s A glass forever. I wonder if the opportunity was missed by studios that did not program this weekend. I understand that during a pandemic it is better to spend your marketing money on holiday frames when more audiences can come out. However, given the demographic groups 18-34 are the most confident to head to the movies, it is interesting to note that yesterday there were more colleges by 15% and K-12 by 3% than on February 4, which is 2% and 1%. Go figure, but follow Sony moves Morbius, it was assumed that by this time Omicron would be worse. According to the Los Angeles Times here in Los Angeles County, the surge is declining, even if California has an average of 100,000 new cases a day, more than twice as many as last winter’s 46,000. Los Angeles County Health Director Barbara Ferrer advised many to postpone minor events such as parties and dinners without a mask.

There will come a time when studios will return to film about the big event of the week, essentially starting March 25 with Paramount’s The lost city and lasts until summer. There are still dead zones in the calendar, that is, there is nothing next weekend, there are no extensive releases on February 25, and on the weekend after Warner Bros. Batman opens on March 11, no major releases are planned, but analysts seem to be debating whether the title of Reeves Reef DC will be another $ 100 million revelation; News about the 2 hours and 55 minutes of the picture raises little doubt.


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