Song review: Yuju – Play

Yuju - PlayThe era of projects after GFriend is approaching, with Viviz debuting next month and Yuju’s solo album today. I’m still shocked that the band is gone, but it will be interesting to listen to the music they come up with. When Play () – all this indicates that Juju is going to rely on her vocal skills with material that puts her performance in the foreground.

Juju is one of my favorite vocalists in K-pop, responsible for so many moments in GFriend’s discography. That being said, I couldn’t imagine her as a soloist. Other than the gentle café and ballads of OST, I don’t see her following the traditional k-pop route. Expected Play finds the middle ground between catchy music show material and the more muted sound of a “serious” performer.

Juju gets copyright credit Play, along with Chancellor Duble Sidekick and several familiar world names. They provide the track with atmospheric output and a harmonious rhythm. Juju sounds fantastic, as always, but PlayThe tune doesn’t do much for me. The chorus is repeated as a plucked five-stringed theme throughout the instrumental, causing the chorus to become a little subtle as the track progresses. I would like to have some kind of modulation – a key change, or even just a sense of growth in production itself. But, Play happy to ride on his simple groove to the end. It creates a magical atmosphere and I like how the song is woven into traditional instruments. But Juju’s voice is most fascinating here.

Hooks 7
Production 8
Longevity 8
Evasion 8

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