Song review: Yena – Smiley (ft. BiBi)

Yena - Smiley (ft. BiBi)I haven’t followed IZ * ONE to the point where I knew the specific details of each participant, but as they begin the next stage of their careers, I’m curious to see in which direction their music is going. Judging solely by the debuts after IZ * ONE, I would put Choi Yen in the first place. Smiley it’s a mass of fluffy pop entertainment – just that upbeat track I’m hoping to hear more about in 2022.

Jena positions herself as a smiley superhero in a fantasy music video, spreading joy to everyone she stumbles upon. This is a great goal, and Smiley makes a suitable soundtrack for the mission. His unreasonable pop-rock approach leads to continuous listening. It could have been recorded and released in the mid-00s or mid-10s without much change. This allure of a chameleon can be considered ordinary, but catchy positive shots never go out of style. Smiley adheres to a proven pattern. In this case, it is full force.

This attraction is largely due to Yena herself, who brings the energy of addiction to the track. She likes karaoke “sing on the comb”. Smiley and this excitement is contagious. I have to hate the song so outrageously hilarious. It is commercial and predictable. However, Yena cuts through this exhausted prospect. The producers were smart to bring in a fellow BiBi soloist as the foil. Her contrasting approach not only adds texture and depth to the composition, but also doesn’t let things get too sweet. I would love to hear a whole album of pushes and pulls, light and dark material from this duo. But now it’s interesting to welcome Jena into k-pop landscapes. Let her smile smile for a long time!

Hooks 9
Production 8
Longevity 9
Evasion 9

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