Song review: Victon – Chronograph

Victon - ChronographWe all have our own specific musical preferences, and I prefer breathless energy and strong electro-funk. You can post almost any song over the fiery rhythm of K-pop and I will be pleased. Up to this point, Victon’s discography has tended to be more relaxed material, though a member of Do Hanse Imitate hinted at more dynamic sounds.

Ever since I heard the teaser for Chronograph, I knew it would be a return to be expected. The instrumental alone captured my ear, fueled by the puffing of the guitar and the driving energy. This specific sound is a kind of k-pop trope, but every time it adds to me. And after deducting the wrong shift of tempo during the second verse (of course!), Chronograph largely fulfills its promise. When he walks, his driving sound cannot be stopped. The chorus is simple but sticky, corresponds to the intensity of the production. And when we reach the truncated climax of the song, Victon gives firepower in the style of SHINee, which makes such a song truly pop.

However, Chronograph also cuts a few corners. It will undoubtedly become a staple on my own playlist, but it lacks perfection. The second verse of the rap is built strangely, with the aforementioned drop briefly sacrificing momentum. And in a little less than three minutes, the song is too short to build up to any truly opening moment. But, it’s teasing. When it comes down to it, this incredible guitar will be enough for me to come back again and again. And, like the UP10TION, built similarly Spin Off, over time it may become even stronger.

Hooks 8
Production 9
Longevity 9
Evasion 9

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