Song review: Taeyeon – Can’t Control Myself

Theon - I can't control myselfOn the eve of the full album the following month, Theon returned with a pre-release single I can’t control myself. Previous releases have been a long tradition in her solo career, and many have become highlights of the discography. When I can’t control myself indicating that another set of emotional pop tracks awaits us.

Theon has one of the best voices in business, but she doesn’t always give the strongest stuff. Despite this, SM Entertainment seems ready to combine music with experience, creating a discography that feels raw and personal. This complements Theon’s strength as a pop narrator and enhances tracks that might otherwise seem common. In other hands, I can’t control myself may feel sad or even sad. In appearance it is a simple composition that depends on many paths and energies that are currently popular in the world charts. But Theon’s detailed execution gives a sense of authenticity unique to her.

I like the rock influence of the song – especially the guitar during the chorus. This gives the instrumental a depressing sound according to its thematic area. Theon’s vocals are interrupted at the edges, further contributing to this vibrant atmosphere. These two elements combine to bring the necessary character I can’t control myself. The song itself is a bit pedestrian, with a rhythm that feels stuck in one simple transfer. But when flashes of pathos penetrate – as during a beautiful bridge on the piano – Theon proves once again why she is one of the strongest idols. I’m so excited to see what the full album brings.

Hooks 8
Production 8
Longevity 8
Evasion 8

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