Song review: Moonbyul (Mamamoo) – Lunatic

Munbul - LunaticMamamoo’s Moonbyul has been teasing his new album for weeks and has previously released a hilarious track G999 last month. This song hinted at new directions in her music, and Sleepwalker further fulfills this promise. But for now G999 benefited from a relaxed groove and purposeful arrangement, Sleepwalker feels everywhere.

Judging by the name, such an approach may be intentional. I admire the purpose of the song, but the final product is oversaturated to the breaking point. To Munbull’s credit, she really stretched herself as a performer. She is no longer just a “rapper Mamamoo” who discovers a series of solo songs that fluctuate wildly between genres. Sleepwalker throws most of them in the blender. At its core, the track beats a typical modern k-pop battle – all chipped synthesizers and heavy bass. This is a proven formula that requires a unique touch to really stand out. This sense of peculiarity comes from Munbul’s performance.

I often complain about K-pop’s love of refrain choruses. Sleepwalker twists this technique for its own purposes, but I’m not selling on her hook “luna-la-la-la-lunatic”. It’s just too much “blah blah blah” for me. Combined with an impulsive arrangement that rarely falls on a single lethal energy, this approach looks distracted. Many pieces are stronger than whole. With that in mind, I appreciate it Sleepwalkershared vision. He falls somewhere in the middle of Moonbyul’s thriving discography, which thrives on extraordinary energy but struggles to find a melodic anchor to return to.

Hooks 7
Production 8
Longevity 8
Evasion 7

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