Song review: Luminous – All Eyes Down

Luminous - All Eyes DownLuminous took to my list of the best newcomers of 2021 thanks to the power of the debut single Run away. Many groups of boys use hip hop as a basis for their sound, however Run away used the cooler aspects of the genre to create a song that felt nostalgic but fresh. Unfortunately, a new single All eyes down (비상) discards most of that charm, representing another explosion of boys.

For me, the problem starts with a bit. It doesn’t seem new and interesting that it would be nice if my head nodded. But it just stretches, highlighted by a noisy synthesizer, making it inaccessible. Even if the tempo rises for the second verse and the previous chorus, the surge is temporary. After the success of Run awayConsistent rhythm, this sense of serenity is disappointing.

Fortunately, All eyes down attempts to break out of its shell during an outstanding chorus. I like the power of the vocals here. The combination of melody and conversational cues works pretty well, though it could do with more development. The distorted guitar adds an interesting texture to this chorus, alluding to a rock rap hybrid that could be. Much of this excitement was immediately sabotaged by the dumb “all eyes down” after the chorus. It’s more annoying than fascinating, and adds songs to a sluggish, repetitive character. Judging by the contrast between All eyes down and Run away, it’s hard to say where Luminous will go from here. I’m not ready to give up the excitement yet, but it’s certainly an unpleasant next step.

Hooks 7
Production 7
Longevity 7
Evasion 7

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