Song review: Johnny’s West – Reimei

West Johnny - RameyI’m always in the mood for Johnny’s music, but the last few months I’ve been particularly enthusiastic. This further reinforced Johnny’s first annual festival a couple of weeks ago. The agency was slowly announcing new releases for 2022, forcing me to immerse myself deeply in groups I am less familiar with. I’ve been following Johnny’s West music since their debut, and they have a few songs that I really love. But they have never been one of my favorite acts and I have never written about them on this site.

A new double side Raymei/Susumu Shikane is the first to get List of bias treatment. I really like both songs, and if you’re in the mood for brave rock, you should definitely watch the anthem Susumu Shikane. But I want to focus on the slower, more sentimental Raymei (Dawn) today. Over the years, I have developed a reputation as an unloved ballad, which is not entirely untrue. But I really don’t like it sad ballads. Just because a song is slower doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from dynamic arrangements and memorable melodies. Raymei blooms on both. This is how a ballad of this nature should be made.

The song goes through different segments, from a gentle verse under the direction of a piano to a larger scale, a rhythmic pre-chorus. Then, Raymei reveals its full potential when the chorus penetrates with a sharp, hymn. I like how the rhythm changes here. It’s an unexpected twist that still blends perfectly with everything else around. It’s also very catchy and controls the emotions of the song home. Like many J-pop singles, Raymei given enough time to breathe and grow. The abbreviated version of YouTube does not emphasize this fact, but it will let you know what you want.

Hooks 9
Production 8
Longevity 9
Evasion 9

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