Song review: Jinjin & Rocky (Astro) – Just Breath

JinJin & Rocky - Just BreathAs their industry grew, Astro began to promote both units and solos. We had Munbin and Sanha Bad idea in 2020, lynx-tasty MJ Get Set Yo last year and the constant flow of Cha Ying dramas. Now it’s time for Gin and Rocky to put their own stamp on Astro’s ever-evolving sound. These participants may not capture headlines the size of Eunwoo, but they are more than capable of making an exciting sound.

Just breathing (숨 좀 쉬자) (Just breathe?) Is a funky energy ball. It’s that hectic pop track that never stops and I love it for it. Gin and Rocky don’t have any of the K-pop businesses that “break down and move at half pace”. They repeatedly hit you in the face with their pop prowess. Funky influences are ubiquitous in this industry, but they are seldom so relentless great. Just breathingGreat instrumental music goes out of the gate with great confidence. The staging is at its best when it forms a wall of sound, layering triumphant brass brass music on top of the vocal chorus and sophisticated rhythm guitar. This is a workout in the best way.

The only weaknesses of the song are comedy. Random nonsense (especially this lame count after the chorus) takes away from Just breathingpotency. The song doesn’t need to be humorous. Fortunately, the performance of Gin and Rocky is full of conviction. They play their roles to the core. Rocky’s vocals are a wonderful surprise, especially during the crackling pre-chorus. Just breathing never finds a legendary tune that matches its unbridled intensity, but you won’t go wrong with a track you so want to enjoy. It’s a burst of undiluted fun.

Hooks 8
Production 9
Longevity 9
Evasion 9

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