Song review: DRIPPIN – Villain

DRIPPIN - VillainWhen we last experienced the return of DRIPPIN, the guys were riding around the campsite, expressing some nonsense about the “free pass”. Their debut year was not at all consistentlybut they released some great tracks. Sometimes you just have to dig to find them.

After a long break, the band returns with a sharp turn towards more serious material. “Acute” in the language of a group of boys often means a loud cry-a-tone, but The villain cut from different fabric. The track combines its inflated audacity with a funky electric beat and chorus. There’s not a single element in the production that we haven’t heard countless times before, but it comes together to form a strong, enjoyable track. I’m a little disappointed that the DRIPPIN title tracks lean towards such common trails (you can do better, Woollim!). However, they used these trails in a way to achieve satisfactory results.

The villain is above the cool, tumultuous bass loop. It almost reminds me of the Boys ’Republic fiction Real from years ago. The sound here is not so noticeable, and the second verse is predictably interrupted by one of these annoying shock breakdowns. But there is completeness The villainAn organization that gives DRIPPIN a solid foundation for work. Similarly, the hook song is simple but powerful. I don’t do the carts of excitement over the chorus, but the catchy repetition is already stuck in my head. For their part, DRIPPIN give melodies a lot of bright moods. When Cheop’s lead vocals are released during the finale, The villain reveals the hidden potential. Each element could be turned into something bigger and unique, but I have that feeling The villain will find in my playlist a long term house.

Hooks 8
Production 8
Longevity 9
Evasion 9

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