Song review: BamBam (GOT7) – Slow Mo

BamBam - Slow MoI didn’t like BamBem’s solo debut, but his recent duet with Silga from Red Velvet suggested a different path for his talent. It turns out that the mood sounds suit him very well, and this approach continues in the new single Slow Mo. The track retains a lot of hip hop influences, but they serve as a gentle atmospheric tune.

Slow Mo lacks a performer who occupies Bambam’s vocals at the center. Hooks have a singing quality, but not in an unpleasant way. Instead, the poems revolve around a catchy synthesizer that gives them a lot of movement. This item has the potential to stop welcoming it, however Slow mo switches things for his chorus. The refrain has a gentle appeal, backed by a bed of synthesizers. The instrumental finds a satisfying sense of depth, with different sounds stretching in different areas. No texture stands out from the rest, giving the track an ephemeral, dreamy quality.

In this century of brief attention, many new pop songs lack bridges. Slow Mo joins the trend, feeling a little unfinished as a result. In just two and a half minutes he loses the opportunity to further develop his ideas. Both the verse and the chorus are solid, but once you hear them, you’ll pretty much feel everything you need Slow Mo. Aside from the beautiful synthesizer before the final chorus, the track becomes too predictable. It will be a great addition to the album, but I think last month Who are you was a much stronger single.

Hooks 8
Production 8
Longevity 8
Evasion 7

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