Song review: AB6IX – 1, 2, 3

AB6IX - 1, 2, 3For the past year AB6IX has been playing with the word “completed”. A new special album completes this trilogy of completion, positioning fans as an important part of the band’s existence. Throughout his career the AB6IX has never stopped at one defining sound or energy. Optimistic 1, 2, 3 continues this approach of mixing and blending, but the song has its moments.

If that 1, 2, 3 takes funk influences from last year Cherry and cools them. This is a bright fan song with great energy. The tempo never gets close to top speed, but the output is surprisingly turbulent for a slower track. I especially like the pre-chorus, which uses scope, a soulful approach that is felt by a very old school. In general, the track is a holiday stop, and therefore it should not be taken too seriously. But I appreciate how he avoids the temptation to become a stereotypical, sentimental ballad. As much as his hooks are repeated, they seem insurmountable.

The only thing that gets me off track is its stupid breakdown. The English texts here are deliberately simple, but they look both youthful and stilted. It’s a pity, because the singing melody is quite cheerful. I am more fascinated by the chorus, which is addictive with each repetition. It’s deceptively simple, but wrapped in a copper instrumental that creates the feeling that it’s a strong hug. When the melody pops up for the last time 1, 2, 3The climax, the effect is quite exciting.

Hooks 8
Production 8
Longevity 8
Evasion 8

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