Scientists have named the recently discovered spider worm in honor of Jeff Daniels: Bollywood News

American actor and musician Jeff Daniels is known for his work on television, in movies and in many stage productions and has been honored with numerous awards and prizes. The 66-year-old actor is now also the proud namesake of the hermaphrodite-looking worm that kills tarantulas.

Scientists name recently discovered spider worm in honor of Jeff Daniels

According to Variety, Scientists from the University of California at Riverside have discovered a rare new species of worm that attacks and kills tarantulas. The research team named the worm “Tarantobelusjeffdanielsi” in honor of the actor, musician and producer, because Daniels’ character in the 1990 horror comedy Arachnophobia saves the city from a deadly swarm of spiders. The parasite “Tarantobelusjeffdanielsi” kills tarantulas, like Daniels in the cult classic Arachnophobia.

These worms are a species of nematode, also known as roundworms, of which there are more than 25,000 different species and are considered one of the most common animals on Earth.

According to UC Riverside, “Tarantobelus jeffdanielsi” is only the second time that tarantulas have been found to be infected. Daniels’ character Arachnophobia is “the killer of spiders, which are these nematodes,” – said parasitologist at the University of California at Riverside Adler Dillman, who led the team that discovered the nematode.

In a statement to UC Riverside, Danielsm, appreciating the honor, shared: “When I first heard that a new species of nematode was named after me, I thought,‘ Why? Are there any similarities? ‘

“Honestly, I was honored by their respect for me and ‘arachnophobia.’ Made me smile. And, of course, in Hollywood you have not achieved this until you are recognized in the field of parasitology, ”he added.

The work of the UC Riverside team, which describes “Tarantobelus jeffdanielsi,” was published this month in the Journal of Parasitology. I agree diversity, In addition to confirming that “jeffdanielsi” infection is deadly to tarantulas, Dillman’s team learned how worms breed and where they live on spiders. ‘Jeffdanielsi’ are mainly self-fertilizing hermaphrodites that produce their own sperm and eggs; on average, one hermaphrodite can give birth to 160 children in her lifetime.


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