SAVOK | The Canadian opera troupe cancels Madame Butterfly’s personal performances

Photo courtesy of the Canadian Opera Troupe

We can’t say we’re surprised as Ontario’s performing arts leaders are battling the aftermath of closing venues without any promises until the end of the season.

The Canadian Opera Troupe confirmed today that all live performances of Puccini are canceled Madame Butterfly.

The advantage is that it only applies to personal speeches. If you own COC 2021/2022, you will be able to see a free digital product presentation.

It was planned that production would be launched February 4 – 25, 2022, on Four Seasons Performing Arts Center.

“It is clear that the cancellation of personal speeches is the most responsible course of action at the moment,” he said. COC CEO Perrin Leach. “The safety of our spectators, artists and staff remains our top priority. However, thanks to newly installed recording and broadcasting equipment, our acting and creative teams will still be able to share their hard work and talents with subscribers in a safe viewing environment at home. ”

What if I already have a ticket?

You have four options:

  • donate your tickets back for a tax receipt;
  • exchange a ticket for one of KOC Verdi’s upcoming productions La Traviata or Mozart Magic Flute;
  • credit the cost of tickets to your COC patron account, which will be used for one-time tickets 21/22 or for the purchase of a seasonal subscription on 22/23;
  • return your ticket.

What about the rest of the season?

If all else fails, the COC has no plans to cancel personal appearances La Traviata (opening April 23, 2022), The Magic Flute (Opening May 6, 2022).


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Michael Vincent
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Michael Vincent
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