SAVOK | Opera Atelier announces a live performance with the hope of returning with a gift to Valentine

Artists Atelier Ballet Eric César de Mello da Silva Rena Siger Julia Sedwick and Si I (Photo: Bruce Zinger)
Artists Atelier Ballet Eric César de Mello da Silva Rena Siger Julia Sedwick and Si I (Photo: Bruce Zinger)

It seems that a global pandemic cannot restrain a decisive campaign. Opera Atelier has announced a new production called It’s all love just before Valentine’s Day together with a summer performance at the Trasimeno Music Festival in Italy.

It’s all love – this is a fully staged production, described as “a celebration of love in all its glory.” It features international performers led by a soprano Measha Breigergasman-Lee, The residence of the artist of the opera studio.

Composer / violinist Edwin Huizing will also be presented alongside Table music, led by Opera Atelier music director David Fallis. The repertoire will be the title play, It’s all love, a blend of Henry Purcell and Renald Hahn, created by Christopher Bagan specifically for Misha Brugergasman-Lee. The culmination of the 75-minute performance will be the opening stage of Debussy Peleas and Melisanda.

Other repertoire includes compositions by J. P. Rameau, M. A. Charpentier and Renaldo Hahn with additional excerpts by Henry Purcell, Matthew Locke and G. F. Handel.

«It’s all love explores different ways of influencing love and desire on our lives and relationships, ”he says Marshal Pynko Ski, founder of the joint artistic director in a press release. “The character of Love in the image of Atelier Ballet artist Eric Da Silva will literally appear on stage – stimulating the actions and emotions of all performers.”

Execution details

  • The stage is directed by the founder and co-artistic director Marshal Pynkoski CM
  • Performers include the entire cast of Atelier Ballet, including the dancer Eric Cesar de Mela da Silva, formerly of the Royal Danish Ballet
  • Choreography by the founder of the joint artistic director Janet Lazhenes Zing CM and additional solo modern choreography created and performed by Atelier Ballet Tyler Gladhill

In addition to soprano Measha Bruggergasman-Lee, among the vocalists: tenor Colin Ainsworth, soprano Mireille Oselin, soprano Megan Lindsay, soprano bear Daniel Macmillan, soprano Cynthia Smithers, bass baritone Douglas Williams, and French tenor Remy Mathieu. In the play Mathieu debuts in the opera studio. He previously starred in Gretri Pinkoski and Lazenes Zingg. Heart of Richard the Lion at the Royal Opera House of Versailles.

“The Opera Atelier art team has long wanted to explore the links between French Baroque composers such as Lully and Rameau and their compatriots in the late 19th and early 20th centuries,” he said. Lajeunesse Zingg, founder of Opera Atelier, co-artistic director. “All Is Love showcases the latest repertoire ever explored by Tafelmusik or Opera Atelier, and expands our understanding of the very definition of” periodic performance. “

Opera Atelier and Angela Hewitt in Italy

July 6, 2022 the company together with the famous Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt, debuting at the Trasimeno Music Festival in Perugia, Italy. Lajenes Zing will choreograph and dance with Atelier Ballet to a Hewitt performance as a Canadian soprano Mireille Oselin sings Purcell’s music.

Hewitt asked to add dancers and vocalists to explore the connections between the three performing arts.

“It will be wonderful to explore the connection between dance and music in the Baroque Keyboard Suites keyboard suites that have played such an important role in my career,” Hewitt explains in a release. “For the audience, these live dances performed by Baroque dance connoisseurs will be a unique event in history. Trasimeno Music Festival. The inclusion of Canadian soprano Mireille Oselin will also allow us to explore how dance rhythms are used in Baroque vocal music. This program will be a unique opportunity to experience the interpretation of Baroque dance suites between three different disciplines of performance.


… Opera studio to present It’s all love February 19 at 20.00 and February 20 at 14.30 Tickets and information here. In the event of an extension of the pandemic restrictions that interfere with the personal audience, Opera Atelier offers viewers a live broadcast, and ticket prices will be adjusted and / or refunded accordingly.

Pinko Ski adds in the release, “We want to It’s all love to illuminate the atmosphere in which we now live. We intend to welcome our audience to the theater again in a festive atmosphere. We hope so It’s all love acts as a new beginning for the artists and spectators of Opera Atelier ”.


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