SAVOK | Hart House at UofT announces the Black Futures 2022 Arts & Dialogue series


Afrofuturism is a lens that can be used to explore art and beyond, community and more. In that spirit, the University of Toronto’s Hart House will present the Black Futures series, which is described as a “showcase of cross-cutting arts and dialogues” from January 31 to March 8.

What is Afrofuturism?

Afrofuturism is a term coined in the early 1990s that unites the views of Africans and the global African diaspora, intersecting with technology and futurism. She has been researched in works of literature, music, fine arts, film and other media.

It is a lens that sees technology and the future through the experience of the African diaspora. The past feeds the future in a new way, guided by imagination.

Black futures: art and conversation

Highlights of the series include reflections, events and performances.

  • WHAT MAKES US HUMANS? AI, spirituality and race with guests Rhonda McEwan, Suzanne van Gins, De’Aira Bryant and Efoza Abana; February 2 via the Internet Increase | Free
  • The Lunch of the 20th annual month of black history U of T; February 28 via the Internet Free
    A celebration for faculty, staff and students with keynote speeches and authorial presentations with virtual guests, including Ontario poet-poet Randall Ajay, Olympic sprinter Andre De Graz and his mother Gloria. Additional guests and performances will be announced.
  • A Study of Black and Indigenous Futurism: ROCK AS A WITNESS Talk about artists with Quentin Versetti, Michael Belmar, Karin Recolette and Audrey Hudson jointly represented by AGO; February 28 via the Internet Increase | Free
  • Women in Hip Hop: Erasure, Pioneers and Place Makers starring Martha Diaz, DJ Lynnée and Francesca D’Amico Cuthbert; March 8 | Internet | Increase | Free

The Hart House series will explore health and community along with art. Along with art-focused programs, the series includes seminars on finance, careers, podcasts and more.

Learn more about Black Futures here, and the Hip-Hop series here.


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