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Classical Music Festival in Canada (CMFC) announced. July to Januaryan online festival of classical music to be held from January 28 to February 28, 2022.

CMFC was founded in 2021, and July in January is their first initiative. In the uncertain times of the COVID pandemic, organizers of 11 Ontario classical music festivals have come together to come up with an off-season event that will bring together music communities over the winter.

James Campbell (artistic director of the sound festival) and Mark less (artistic director of the Stratford Summer Music Festival) led the initiative.

“Our idea was to find a way to give music as a thank you to our fans by bringing their favorite summer festivals to their home in the coldest and most isolated months of the year,” he said. Campbell in a press release. «July to January takes music lovers on a summer trip to Ontario without leaving home. The enthusiastic feedback we received from our colleagues about this project proves once again how the power of great music unites us in difficult times. “

The pandemic has prompted many companies and arts organizations to upgrade their audio and video equipment to be able to create high-quality live broadcasts and video. The video also gives viewers the opportunity to see close-ups and other angles that they would not see in a typical live setting.

Less adds: “Nothing will replace live concerts, but the broadcast gives the music community a great way to stay connected, and also offers others the opportunity to see what our individual festivals are like. These are 11 unique festivals that highlight the breadth of what Ontario has to offer in the summer. I am very excited about the classical music festivals in Canada and our first July project in January. It’s a way to reach our audience in the off-season, which also allows us to reach out to classical music fans in new communities, both in Ontario and beyond. ”

Along with the music, the festival will feature interviews and talks between the festival’s artistic directors and veteran presenter Eric Friesen, who will be the presenter. The following people take part in the festivals:

  • Sound Festival (Parry Sound, artistic director: James Campbell)
  • Collingwood Summer Music Festival (Collingwood, artistic director: Daniel Vnukowski)
  • Elora Festival (Elora, artistic director: Mark Voirinen)
  • Niagara Music Festival (Niagara-on-the-Lake, artistic director: Attis Bankas)
  • Ottawa Chamberfest (Ottawa, artistic director: Karisa Klopushak)
  • Prince Edward County Chamber Music Festival (Picton, Art Directors: New Orford String Quartet)
  • Stratford Summer Music (Stratford, artistic director: Mark Fewer)
  • ‘S’ Series Studio (Thousand Islands Playhouse, Ganonoque, Artistic Director: Eric Freesen)
  • Sweetwater Music Festival (Owen Sound, artistic director: Edwin Huizinga)
  • Toronto Summer Music (Toronto, artistic director: Jonathan Crow)
  • Westben (Campbellford, artistic director: Brian Finley)

A difficult couple of years…

… “One of the reasons art is evolving in difficult times because we are collaborating with each other, ”says Campbell. “It’s just part of the culture of what we do. July in January provides an opportunity to collaborate on something bigger. I am very happy to see where this event is going and how classical music festivals in Canada are growing in the coming years. ”

Opening of the CMFC July to January it is a free event open to allanywhere, donations are encouraged and available through the website.

Visit at January 28 for all concerts and information. Concerts will be available for viewing before February 28, 2022.


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