Satyameva Jayate 2 is a powerful mass artist with a good performance by John Abraham

Satyameva Jayate 2 Review {4.0 / 5} and review rating

SATYAMEVE EGG 2 it is a family story of corruption. Satya Balram Azaad (John Abraham) is the Minister of the Interior in the coalition government of Uttar Pradesh. He is trying to pass an anti-corruption law in the assembly, but his own alliance partners oppose it. Interestingly, one of the MLAs voting against the bill is Satya’s wife Vidya Azaad (Divya Hosla Kumar). She is the daughter of Chandra Prakash (Harsh Chai), the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, doctors at the state’s state hospital are on strike. A mother asks them to treat her daughter who had an accident. The doctor who led the strike refuses. The victim is dying in front of protesting doctors and the media. That same night, the sawman (John Abraham) kills the doctor who led the strike in revenge. His death led to the cancellation of the strike. Vigilant at night becomes a hero. Chandra Prakash is not impressed and he tells DCP Upadhyai (Anup Sony) to find the culprit. DCP is transferring the case to Jay Balram Azaad (John Abraham), Satya’s twin brother Balram Azaad. On the other hand, another scandal shakes the state: many children get sick after eating in a madrasa. The public hospital where they are admitted lacks oxygen cylinders. As a result, 40 of these children die. Satya finds out that the spoiled grain was delivered by a relative of Tripati (Daya Shankar Prasad). And the person in charge of supplying oxygen to the government hospital is a close aide to Shankar Prasad (Zakir Hussein). Both Tripati and Shankar are from the alliance party and they are threatening to give up support if Satya confronts them. Now it turns out that the pilsner is none other than Satya. Now he is killing both Tripati and Shankara. A few days later, the third incident occurred when the flyover collapsed in the state. Overpass contractor Madan Lal Joshi (Rituraj Singh) refuses to take responsibility. Jay and the others conclude that he is being killed by a saw. What happens next shapes the rest of the film.

As expected, the story of Milap Milan Zavera is massive. He touched on many issues, many of which concern the common man. However, too many questions are asked in the second half and they are considered separate.

Milap Milan Zavera’s script is very attractive. The script is such that the film never gets low and boring. This or that constantly happens from the beginning to the end. Milap Milan’s dialogues The conspiracies are worthy of applause. Almost every sentence has a few powerful liners, and it really deserves praise.

Milap Milan Zavera’s direction is the highest, and it is clear that he has evolved. It is not easy to make this film, because it has three characters, all of which are played by one actor, and, moreover, is interpreted in a very commercial manner. Some scenes are performed exclusively. In fact, the entry of Jay Balram Azaad, the point of the interval, the sequence of the battle of Dadasaab Balram Azaad (John Abraham), etc. create a riot in cinemas. On the reverse side, when the first half moves like a rocket, the second half sinks slightly. Karwa Chauth’s scene slows down the narrative. Also, the film may not be for everyone, as it is quite a massive film in every way.

SATYAMEVA JAYATE 2 starts with a bang without wasting time. The assembly scene is shocking, but the film gets better as Satya kills the sawdust and later the corrupt Net. Jay’s entry is a highlight, and the way the national anthem is included is believable. The turn at the point of the interval is as if unexpected. The interval after publication, part of Dadasaab’s retrospective takes. The film then falls, but rises in the finale.

SATYAMEVA JAYATE 2 completely a John Abraham to show. The actor surpassed himself and played three characters perfectly. Each character stands out, but the cop is the one where he plays in the gallery and he will be liked by the masses and then the farmer. Divya Khosla Kumar looks stunning and performs excellently. The stern Chhaya is decent. Anup Sony is not getting much scope. Daya Shankar Prasad and Zakir Hussein are decent. Gautami Kapoor (Sukhasini) leaves a huge mark. Rajendra Gupta, Shaad Randhava, Sahil Wajd, Salim Shah, Bhagyashri Lima and others provide skillful support. Nora Fatehi is very hot.

The music in the film is good. “Kusu Kusu” it’s already a chartbuster. “Tenu Lehenga” comes at a wonderful time. “Jan Gan dude it’s very touching. ‘Mary Zindagi Hai Tu‘is the best song of the album and romantic. Sanjo Chowdhury’s background score is loud, but it works well for the film. The Dadasaab theme is memorable.

The Dudley operator is appropriate. Amin Khatib’s action is one of the film’s highlights. But in some places it is raw and quite bloody. The production of Priya Suchas adds appeal to the film. Akshaya Traction costumes are realistic but glamorous. Nora Fatehi’s costumes (from Sandip Hosla, Abu Jani) are pretty hot. VFX Futureworks and Variate Studio are neat. Maahir Zavery’s editors were good in the first half, but could have been better and slimmer in the second half.

In general, SATYAMEVA JAYATE 2 is a powerful mass artist, adorned with some very entertaining moments and a bravura performance by John Abraham. In the rental it has the potential to open huge and well maintained in the long run.

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