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Actors Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers return to market. The beautiful couple broke up this month after 4 years together, an exclusive source confirms PEOPLE.

“They are looking for time to focus on themselves and their careers, which are starting but remain close friends,” the source said.

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Destiny, 27, is best known for her role in FOX TV soap The star (2016-2019) and as part of the women’s group Love the dollhouse.

The 29-year-old Powers starred Cameron Drake on Netflix #REALITYHIGH and he played Ronnie DeVo in the BET mini-series about the R&B group New edition (2017).

Fate and Forces met in Fr. Teenage Vogue magazine party in 2015 and they immediately set off.

They told We are Urban in 2019 there was an instant attraction, but initially they hid their relationship from fans.

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“For a moment we tried to hide it for many reasons, but as people, sometimes we just want to shout to the whole world: ‘I love this man and I’m happy!'” – said Destiny. “We’re trying to find a balance. I’m already an individual and very career-oriented, so it’s important to remind people that I’m myself.”


Although their relationship did not develop, Powers said it was important for young people to see the love of blacks.

“It is so important for our people to see healthy black love. Be it a relationship, a marriage or even a friendship. Black love gives us hope. When you see black love flourish, it is strong. ”

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