Rumor has it that Kevin Samuels was found unresponsive

By Sandra Rose

Photo may have been deleted


Kevin Samuels has reportedly passed away at age 56.

According to blog rumors the self-professed “image consultant” was found unresponsive in his Atlanta apartment.

Samuels grew a large following on YouTube by degrading and humiliating Black female callers.

The news of his alleged demise was first reported by Instagram blogger Gossip of the City on Thursday, May 5.

Photo may have been deleted


The blogger said a neighbor in the building told her medics responded to an unresponsive man in his apartment building this morning.

Samuels posted his last videos on Instagram and YouTube 17 hours ago. He has not responded to hundreds of comments inquiring about the reports of his death.

Another person wrote: “You still here Bruh?”

And a third person wrote: “Did Big Shirley get you Unc? Please say this shyt ain’t true.”

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