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Characteristic actress Carol Speed died Friday at her home in Muskogee, Oklahoma, her family announced. She was 76.

Born Carol Ann Bennett Stewart in Bakersfield, California, Speed ​​was the first black queen to return home to Santa Clara County.

AIDS is best known for roles in profanity movies Mack, Black Samson and Abby.

She played Lulu, Max Julienprostitute in Mack (1973), an obsessed woman in the village Abby (1974), and girlfriend of the owner of the Lion ClubRock Tarkington) у Black Samson (1974).

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Speed Mack In the New Year at the age of 88 his partner Max Julien died.

Speed ​​also played the opposite of prisoner Pam Grier y Large bird cage (1972), and she was left at the altar by Lamont (Damand Wilson) in the episode “Sanford and Son” “Here comes the bride, comes the bride.”

She starred in an episode of NBC Julia opposite Diahan Carol and had a recurring role in the NBC daytime soap opera Days of our lives in 1970.

At speed was one child, a son who perished. She leaves a grandson, Mark, and sister Barbara.

See scenes from The Mack starring Carol Speed ​​and Max Julien below.

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