Reboot Go Lite is revolutionizing the recovery boot market

Reboots launches smart regeneration product and gets Pedro Gonzalez’s golden boy for it

Schluchtern, December 14, 2021 – Reboots, a leading European provider of renewable boots and pants, today launches Reboots Go Lite Recovery Boots. Thanks to this, the startup on sports technology is expanding its product range with a smarter and more cost-effective version. At the same time, Reboots launches the Reboots program to make the new device easier to use. Pedro Gonzalez, midfielder of FC Barcelona, ​​national player of Spain and winner of the Golden Boy Award, is the new ambassador of the brand and the face of Reboots Go Lite.

Reboots launches smart regeneration product and gets Pedro Gonzalez's golden boy for it

Reboots launches smart regeneration product and gets Pedro Gonzalez’s golden boy for it

Rebooting Go Lite is a smart way to regenerate
The range of mobile Go from Reboots is getting a new addition. With Reboots Go Lite Recovery Boots, Reboots regeneration experts appeal to novice athletes with the need for maximum flexibility. “Athletes put a lot of heart and soul into their training every day, for example, to get closer to their dream of becoming a professional. Each of them deserves better regeneration. To make it even more accessible and achievable, we have developed Reboots Go Lite,” said Tom Keller. , founder of Reboots. The smart Reboots Go Lite battery-powered device is smaller, lighter and less noisy than any comparable device on the market.

However, it does not sacrifice pressure performance: up to 180 mm Hg. in., the novice offers enough power for successful regeneration. It also has a connection to the new Reboots program, which allows you to conveniently manage regenerative massage via a smartphone.

Young, smart and full of energy – the best young football player of 2021 – the face of Reboots Go Lite
Most recently, he received the Golden Boy Award, and today is the face of the launch campaign Reboots Go Lite. With the young Spanish man Pedro (19) Reboots has found the perfect review of Reboots Go Lite. Young, smart and full of energy – that’s what unites the best football player in Europe U-21 and Reboots Go Lite. “I am very happy to have a reliable recovery partner with Reboots. Thanks to the Reboots product and experience, I am taking my recovery to the next level to not only maintain but also improve my performance in the future, ”says Pedry. Together, Reboots and Pedri want to point out that regeneration is not a matter of age. With the help of Reboots Go Lite Recovery Boots partners want, in particular, to help young athletes realize their dreams.

Reboots Go Lite Recovery Boots are now available in the Reboots online store for 499 euros. Delivery is possible to all EU countries. More information about Reboots Go Lite can be found here:

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