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The editors note: Debuts the series “Read the script” from Deadline and honors the scripts of films that will be a factor in this year’s race for film awards.

У Paradise and the last dragon, the kingdom of Kumandra falls apart when the gem that protects the kingdom from the Druuns is broken into five parts. The film itself almost fell apart when the Covid-19 pandemic required all the animators and speakers to stay home, but they persevered, as did Paradise itself (Kelly Marie Tran).

Raya lives in the realm of the heart with her father, the head of Benja (Daniel De Kim). Years after the broken gem allowed the Druons to return, Raya turns for help to Sisu (Aquafin), the last dragon who can help restore peace (and restore Banja, who turned to stone). They need to travel to each region of Kumandra – Fangs, Ridge, Talon and Tail – to collect the missing pieces of gemstone, while warriors from other kingdoms are looking for the same thing.

Sis and dragons Paradise based on Asian dragons that are no different from the fire-breathing monsters of medieval fantasy. Specifically, the animators founded Sisu based on the Dragon Naga from Southeast Asia. The filmmakers based Kumandra’s various locations on research from Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Screenwriters Kui Nguyen and Adele Lim brought more Asian influences Paradise and the last dragon; Malaysian warrior Thun Fatima was inspired Paradise. However, despite the richness of the search for Paradise, the creators imbued history with themes of unity and trust.

From March 2020 until the release of 900 Disney artists and technicians worked remotely on Paradise and the Last Dragon, while the voice actors recorded their cues through Zoom. It only took two weeks to equip everyone’s homes, but this included new software and troubleshooting everyone’s internet connection.

Paradise and the last dragon opened March 5 in theaters and at Disney +. Since then, it has received 10 leading nominations for the Annie Award and has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Film. He may also be nominated for an Oscar.

Click below to read the script of Lima and Kwai.

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