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Rapper Kevin Gates Says Women With Acne Are Better In Bed

By Sandra Rose |

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images

Rapper Kevin Gates is trending again for saying women with hormonal imbalances are better in bed. The 36-year-old father-of-two made the statements on The Breakfast Club.

Gates was asked if he’d ever “met his match” in the bedroom. The promiscuous rapper said he didn’t, but he did meet “somebody that’s really close.” He added: “The reason I say she is really, really close – oh God, don’t kill me – she got acne in her face.”

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Gates then explained why he believes women with acne have high sex drives.

“A lot of women with acne in their face got good pu–y,” he said, “‘Cause they hormones are so unbalanced that it causes them to have congestion. So they’re not releasing properly.”

He added: “See, once I really put it on her, her face starts clearing up… a lot of the things that go on with us are really internally. I’m not just saying it for that, but she up there . She’s in my top three.”

Gates also discussed semen retention and discipline. He said a man can choose to pleasure himself or transfer his “morning wood” energy into a vigorous workout in the gym.

Watch the video below.

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