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Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1 Review {3.5 / 5} and review rating

PUSHPA: RISE – PART 01 [Hindi] it’s the story of a freak who works in the red sandalwood smuggling industry. The smuggling of red sandalwood does not stop in the Seshachalam forest. Red sandalwood is cut from here and illegally exported to Chennai, from where it is sent to China and even further to Japan. Pushpa Raj (Alu Arjun) is the illegitimate child of Muletti Venkatraman, a wealthy landowner in the village. The latter never received Pushpa and his mother Parvati Devi. After his death, his biological son expelled the duo of mother and son from the house he had given to Muletti and left them free. Pushpa grows on casual work. He has a lot of attitude, and so he is fired. In anticipation of his next daily job, he finds out that the red sandalwood business pays a lot, although the risk is also much higher. He enters the forest logger industry. One day police raided a raid while they were cutting firewood. Pushpa alone hides from them a precious red sandal and does not even open his mouth, although the police beat him in black and blue. Konda Reddy (Ajay Gosh) runs the smuggling business and Pushpa Raj runs their business. When he learns of Pushpa’s courage, he sends his younger brothers, Jolie Reddy (Dhanaji) and Jack Reddy, to bail him out. Pushpa requires Rs. 5 lakhs to reveal the spot where he hid the red sandal. The brothers agree. He soon becomes an important member of the Condy Reddy gang when he tells them about innovative ways to transport red sandalwood while avoiding the prying eyes of the police. On the other hand, Pushpa falls in love with Srivali (Rashmika Mandanna), who runs a dairy business. Meanwhile, Konda Reddy sells a red sandal to Mangalam Srina (Sunila). Shrina is the one who safely delivers the party to Chennai. Pushpa learns that Srina earns as much as rupees. 2 crore for every ton of red sandalwood he sells to Murugan in the port of Chennai. Srina, however, pays only Rs. 25 lakhs per tonne for Konda Reddy. Pushpa suggests that Condo Reddy insist that Shrina insist on being paid more. Konda Reddy is scared because he feels it will complicate his relationship with Srina. Also, Srina can be quite a threat. So he sends Pushpa to talk to Srina. In Shrin, things go wrong, and this signals the beginning of a long bloodbath between the two gangs. What happens next shapes the rest of the film.

Sukumar’s story is a case of old wine in a new bottle. The idea of ​​a man emerging from nothing and turning into a criminal has been killed to death in many films. Sukumar, however, adds meaning and introduces certain powerful characters to maintain interest. Sukumara’s script is first-rate. It has introduced wonderful entertaining and exciting moments and ensures that viewers get their money’s worth. It compensates for the stereotypical jungle storyline and smuggling red sandalwood. This factor helps the film stand out, as something like this is rare in our films. Rajendra Sapre’s dialogues in Hindi are superb and add to the fun factor. It is worth noting the dubbing director Abul Hassan Ansari, as the dubbing was done very carefully.

Sukumara’s directing is excellent and, as expected, very massive. The film is mounted on a large scale and it handles the scale perfectly. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to showing the hero’s worship in all its glory. Such films are expected to show their characters in the most popular avatars, and PUSHPA: CLOSE – PART 01 is no exception. However, in an effort to demonstrate the bravado of Alu Arjun and the scale of the film, he does not sacrifice the story. The film lasts almost 3 hours but keeps the person involved from start to finish. There is a lot going on in the film, and Sukumar leaves no room for boredom. On the other hand, the film has too many characters and it gets too many, although it was probably done as a sequel. The film is protracted in places and could have a faster story. The romantic track is laughable, but overall it’s not as entertaining as other tracks. In addition, Hindi audiences are accustomed to watching progressive movies, and some may have reservations to some of Shrivali’s scenes in the first half.

PUSHPA: JUST – PART 01 begins with a simple and animated explanation of why the red sandalwood business is in high demand. Pushpa’s entry, as expected, is heroic. The way Pushpa outsmarts DCP Govind not once but twice is a lot of fun. Here stands out a scene where Pushpa throws a red sandal in the jungle; the way it was done needs to be seen to believe. The film, however, also has a strong emotional factor, and the scene where Pushpa’s half-brother humiliates him and his mother on their wedding day attracts attention. The best scene of the first half is reserved during the intermission. One-screen cinemas at this point would have gone mad. The film is dumped from here, but fortunately emerges in a scene where Pushpa beats Jolly Reddy. Next are the forest and burial. These three scenes raise the other half to dizzying heights. The entry of Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat (Fahad Faasila) first slows down the film. However, the climax is strong and excites the audience for the sequel.

Rashmik on working with Alu Arjun: “It was a TEACHING journey, it was exciting…” | Pushpa

Alu Arjun is in great shape. He is a big star in the south, but has a significant fan base in Hindi-speaking audiences. And with his massive avatar he impresses everyone and everyone. His looks are pretty dashing, his top-class action and his comedic time to the point. Its dubbing is performed by Shreas Talpad, and it contributes to the entertainment factor. Rashmika Mandanna is a confident performer, and this is an apt film that needs to be presented to Hindi audiences before her Bollywood debut next year. Fahad Faasil has a small but significant role. He is known for his impeccable performances, and even here he is at best. Ajay Gosh is decent, and Dhanaji and Sunil are leaving a trail. Rao Ramesh (MLA) is remembered in the funeral scene. Anasuya Bharadvaj (Daksha; Srina’s wife) is too good as an ugly wife. The actors who play Keshava (Pushpa’s ally), Jack Reddy, Parvati Devi, Muletti Venkatraman, Murugan and Maglis are great. Samantha Ruth Prabhu is seething

The music of Davy Sri Prasad is not different from the variety of charts, at least when it comes to the soundtrack in Hindi. All the songs, however, are well shot. “Jaaga Yaaga Bakre” comes at an exciting time. ‘Srivalli’ is sudden, but worth a look, especially for Alu Arjun’s dance. “Eyy Bidda Ye Mera Adda” is coming. “Sami Sami” this is ok but the kits are colorful. “O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-Bolega” is forgotten. Davy Sri Prasad’s background assessment amplifies the impact.

Miroslav Kuba’s cameraman Brozek is fascinating. Rama Krishna and Monica Nigatre’s production is realistic and cinematic at the same time. Resul Pookutty’s sound design could have been better; in some scenes the dialogues are not fully audible. The action of Ram-Laxman, Peter Hayne, Dragon Prakash and Real Satish is one of the best moments in the film as it is imaginative, romantic and mainstream. Dipoli Nur’s costumes are real. The editions of the Card of Srinivas and Ruben fit, but could have been a little more graceful.

In general, PUSHPA: UZYH – PART 01 [Hindi] is a paisa vazul entertainer and draws on Sukumar’s expert guidance, actions and stellar presence of Alu Arjun.

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