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MGM and Eon Productions No time to die began to represent something more than just Daniel Craig’s last twist in the tuxedo.

Tell me what you will talk about principle but No time onThe long journey and the long wait on the big screen are a symbol of the survival of theatrical releases; Phoenix, which is growing for this sector of the film industry, which not only encroached on the streams, but also in the cinema completely darkened during the pandemic in 2020, albeit in early 2021.

No time to die

“It’s not time to die”

Bond 25 was the first major studio film to have the foresight to avoid a pandemic, as Deadline first told you; a spreading maneuver that many competing studios feared to undertake back in March 2020 and even denied that they would emulate before the exhibition around the world was forcibly closed. No time to die is one of hundreds of superfluous titles that have decided to stay true to the theatrical release, awaiting the return of cinemas, refusing to use them as just home entertainment for any streamer who tried to get in the photo. Bond may have survived the Cold War, but No time to die thwarted broadcast proposals and a plan that would cut its theatrical window a few days before debuting on PVOD. Being the second-most profitable pandemic film with $ 774 million WW, no one regrets how Bond’s hand was played.

“We believe in the power of cinema and cinema, and that’s what we’ve always done, and Bond has always done, and we can’t agree on PVOD not only for the health of our brand and our film, but we can’t do that with the film industry.” No time to die and Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli told us that Bond 25 sticks to its theatrical weapon: “We can’t do that with exhibitors.”

When MGM and United Artists Releasing decided that their first release date during Covid by Thanksgiving 2020 was still too early, as cinemas in Los Angeles and New York were still closed, even Cineworld’s second world exhibitor (Regal in the US) decided that without Bond the world was not enough, and he decided to suspend its activities between the 4th quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, until the cash fees return.

In a special podcast Crew Call, we talk to Bond Broccoli architects and producer Michael G. Wilson on several topics.

Listen here:

And, yes, Amazon, even if you don’t have MGM under your domain yet, Bond will remain theatrical in the future, according to the producers (“That’s what we’ve been told; so far so good,” Wilson tells us).


We also talk to Broccoli and Wilson about how the idea to kill Bond even came up (“The conversation started when we opened Casino Royal and Daniel (Craig) and I were in Berlin… ”- begins Broccoli); The high bar is now set for the franchise after the star’s departure (“We’ve Faced Challenges Before,” she adds), an alternate ending to the film, a advice from Albert R. Dad’s “Cubi” Broccoli, which is still true today (“Whenever you“ In Trouble , go back to Fleming ”and“ Don’t let temporary people make permanent decisions ”), the concept of 007 spin-offs, a future female director and, of course, Idris Elba, who takes up arms.” (Teasing Broccoli: “We know Idris… he a great actor ”).

Bond is 60 years old this year, and to start this weekend, No time to die returns to the Imax cinema this Friday.

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