Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Buy a decommissioned ferry on Staten Island – deadline

In what sounds like material for a Saturday night live sketch, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost purchased the decommissioned ferry to Staten Island for $ 280,100, NBC News confirmed.

The SNL the duo (and Staten Island natives) in partnership with New York real estate agent and comedy club co-founder Paul Italy bought the boat at auction on Wednesday. Italia told the Associated Press that the partners intend to turn the ferry John F. Kennedy NYC Staten Island Ferry into a lively entertainment space.

Staten Island Ferry John F. Kennedy, 2014
Images AP

The 277-foot vessel was commissioned in 1965 and decommissioned in August last year due to mechanical problems. JFK has been put up for auction by the New York City Department of Administrative Services.

“I like the idea,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams wrote of the purchase today. “What a great way to give a New York icon a second life. Let us know what we can help and we will be there for the first trip. ”

Italia, co-owner and co-founder of Manhattan restaurant and comedy club The Stand, told the Associated Press today that the conversion project will cost “millions of dollars” and is at an early stage. “You have a great idea and you’re working on it, and the first step is to buy a boat, and I think that’s the story right now,” he told the AP. “We managed to buy a boat and make sure it didn’t go to landfill like the last two.”

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