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The photo may have been deleted

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Foreigners continue to insult the King family when the nation celebrated the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

African comedian Michael Blackson (left) has sparked outrage on social media when he published an inappropriate question it is believed that Dr. King betrayed his wife, the late Caretta Scott King.

Blackson, a native of Ghana, tweeted:

“I don’t want to start the leaflet, but I heard that Martin Luther King had a white chicken on the side. Isn’t that right? I’m just a beech *** from a small village, so please let me know [sic]».

He added:

“I guess the best way to say goodbye to a white man is f white woman. My care MLK [sic]».

The public reaction was fierce. Among the outraged users of social networks was fellow comedian Kat Williams, who called Blackson’s request “a matter of kuna.”

The photo may have been deleted


Blackson’s insult follows Rihanna’s disrespectful banner on Twitter, which depicts Dr. King in a golden grill.

The 49-year-old Blackson is best known for his roles in comedy films Are we still there? and Next Friday.

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