Olivia Mann and John Mulani pose for the first time with their newborn son!

Meet the family!

Olivia Mann and John Mulani welcomed their first child together, son Malcolm Mulani, in late November. Since then we’ve seen some very cute photos of the newborn, but the full family photo we haven’t received … so far.

On Thursday, c Editing alum shared a photo of her little family posing next to friends Henry Golding and Liv Lo with their 10-month-old daughter, Layla. The Instagram the post also included separate photos of moms and dads holding their babies as well as two babies together. She signed her post:

“Today Malcolm met Lila «

Soooo cute! And by the way, quite an iconic game. We bet this meeting was a blast.

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On Monday, the comedian also shared Malcolm’s magical content. Along with a series of photographs depicting his son pinned to his chest SNL alum wrote:

“Happy birthday to the little man who stuck to me for two months. Whoever you are, sir, you are definitely a cheerful companion. “

The super cute complication also included one almost family photo, a candid image of new parents hugging and looking at their little boy from behind.

What beautiful pictures. It seems the two really enjoy new parenting (and each other’s).

[Image via Olivia Munn/Instagram]

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