Olivia Kalpa is having fun over last week’s American Airlines drama with an even more showy outfit

Laugh to the last!

After she was told to “put on a blouse” before boarding her flight to Cabo San Lucas on Thursday, Olivia Calpo clapped back with the dumbest message !!

If you missed it while going on vacation to Mexico late last week, first Miss Universe the winner was summoned to her gate and instructed American Airlines employees “cover up” before boarding the plane. If she refused, she would be banned from boarding! What the hell ?!

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In a video taken by her sister, Aurora I blame, on it Instagram History, Olivia was spotted in a black bra, biker shorts and cardigan Naked cashmere. Despite all the fuss, this is not such a crazy outfit. Look at the seizures that caused the seizures (below).

Olivia Calpa enjoyed last week's airline drama with an even more showy outfit
(c) Aurora Culpo / Instagram

Quite a smart gym towel, right? Everything is covered. Who cares, right? Aurora told her followers:

“She looks cute. She looks appropriate. No. She is called to the table and told that she needs to wear a blouse, otherwise she will not be able to get on the plane. Tell me it’s not so x ** on. “

In another clip, the media personality was shown carrying out orders under a hoodie. But then she struck up a conversation with another passenger, who was dressed in almost the same outfit – and she was not told to hide. despite admit that her shirt was lower than in Olivia !! The second flyer was just thinking:

“It’s weird.”

Take a look at the clothes of another passenger!

Olivia Calpa enjoyed last week's airline drama with an even more showy outfit
(c) Aurora Culpo / Instagram

American Airlines does not have an exact dress code, but its policy states that flyers should be “dressed appropriately” and “barefoot or abusive clothing prohibited.” But who is the judge here ??

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Obviously, the 29-year-old girl had a hard time overcoming the incident while on holiday in Mexico because a few days later she turned to her IG to laugh at the absurd situation. Posing in a nude dress Aya Muse, cut at the side and held together by tied threads, she signed a new set of photos on Saturday:

“Please be careful when using [overhead] containers, as objects could move during the flight. “

Just a lot more open than this original outfit! LOLz !! Fans quickly picked up the message, responding:

“You handled it like a professional!”

“You have to put this on your flight and see what they say.”

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Are you surprised that American Airlines has problems with her outfit? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Olivia Culpo/Instagram]

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