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Candy BurrusMom and aunt get their own reality TV spin-off called “Kandy and the Gang”.

According to jasmine brand, the reality BRAVO spin-off has been running since 2019. The series is dedicated to Kandy’s mother, Mama Joyce, and her aunt Nora and Bertha, she is the Gang of the Old Lady.

The new series tells the story of how employees come in and out of a restaurant and how they take their work home at night.

The Old Lady Gang operates restaurants in Castleberry Hill and Camp Creek in southwest Atlanta.

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Whoopi Goldberg drove to the Old Lady Gang restaurant in October to film an episode with the ladies. She also sat down to try their delicious soulful food.

The series is produced by Truly Original with Stephen Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Kandy and her husband Todd Tucker acting as executive producers.

Watch the trailer below.

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