NO TIME TO DIE is a fun entertainer that will bring you money.

No Time to Die (English) Review {3.5 / 5} and review rating

NO TIME TO DIE is the story of a legendary secret agent who returns to service after his past catches up with him. The film begins with a flashback of Madeleine Swan (Leo Seydou). As a child, she witnessed the murder of her mother Lucifer Safin (Rami Malek) at her home. Lucifer tries to kill him. But she attacks him and later Lucifer even saves him when he falls into a frozen lake. Madeleine is currently with James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Matera, Italy. Everything is going well until Specter’s killers attack Bond. He and Madeleine survive the attack and even defeat the killers. However, Bond believes that Madeleine betrayed him. She begs and assures that she did not betray him. However, he leaves her. Five years later, MI6 scientist Wald Obruchev (David Denchik) is abducted from the MI6 laboratory. Their bioweapons project is also getting online. Bond, meanwhile, is now retired and lives in Jamaica. CIA agent Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) and his colleague Logan Ash (Billy Magnussen) contact Bond and ask him to help find Hoop. The bond is initially declining. But when he stumbles upon Nomi (Lashana Lynch), his successor in 007 at MI6, and when Nomi warns him not to interfere, Bond accepts the CIA’s offer. Bond is then sent to Cuba and with the help of a young agent Paloma (Ana de Armas) they penetrate to meet Specter. Bond soon realizes that Specter members are aware of his presence and are going to use bioweapons to kill him. But in a sudden turn the “fog of nanobots” kills all Specter members instead. What happens next shapes the rest of the film.

Movie Review It's Not Time to Die

The story of Neil Purvis, Robert Wade and Carrie Jodi Fukunaga is wonderful and has all the components of a mass artist. The screenplay by Neil Purvis, Robert Wade, Carrie Joji Fukunaga and Phoebe Waller Bridge is entertaining. The writers filled the story with some very interesting action and dramatic scenes. The villain track, however, is weak. The dialogues are direct and sharp.

Directed by Carrie Jodi Fukunaga is superb. There is a lot going on in the film. So, despite the long duration (160 minutes), no one minds, as the level of interest for most of the film is high. The 20-minute introductory sequence is very well done, especially Madeleine’s retrospective. However, the trail of the antagonist is not as threatening as intended. There were far more evil villains in the Bond series and many such great action artists. The culmination on the island is impressive, but here the film is a bit protracted.

NO TIME TO DIE has a shocking and strong introduction. The action and pursuit of Matera is fascinating as well as the best part of the film. After the creative opening of the title sequence, the film continues to entertain. Cuba’s consistency is unpredictable as well as intense action. After the interval, the interrogation of Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) is intriguing. But the best part of the second half is the scene of the action in the misty jungle. The climax is a bit addictive, but the emotional finale makes up for it.

Daniel Craig is, as expected, superb in every way. Very excited to know that this is the last time he plays this iconic character, and thus this performance is even more special. Leo Seydou is absent in the middle of the film, but compensates for this with his excellent performances in the beginning and in the second half. Rami Malek is strictly in order. Lashana Lynch is wonderful, and the constant tension between her character and the Bond character adds madness. Ana de Armas is there for only 15 minutes, but the show is fascinating. She looks like a million bucks in her high-cut dress without a back. Jeffrey Wright is wonderful in a small role. This time Christoph Waltz will be limited. Ralph Fiennes (Gareth Mallory) and Ben Wishow (Q) are reliable. David Denchik and Billy Magnussen are decent. Children’s actress Lisa-Dora Sanet (Matilda) is cute.

Hans Zimmer’s music is grand and exciting. Cinematographer Linus Sandgren is appropriate and perfectly displays different areas with diverse landscapes. Mark Tildesley’s production is rich. Suttyrat Ann Larlab’s costumes are attractive, especially the one worn by Daniel Craig and the ladies. Elliott Graham’s editing is neat, but could have been sharper by the end.

In general, NO TIME TO DIE is a fun entertainer that will bring you money. It was released in India on September 30 and today in Maharashtra. Despite the delayed release, it will find an audience because it is not available in piracy, word of mouth is very positive, and also because it is the latest Bond film by Daniel Craig.

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