Nicola Kaflan of Bridgeton asks fans to keep an opinion on her body!

The Hollywood women had enough reviews about their looks, thank you so much!

It’s no secret that being a woman in the spotlight is hard to be (or at all, but we’re distracted). No matter what they look like, it seems every celebrity woman at some point had to fight off the shamers. But, of course, it is more difficult if a person does not meet the very strict standards of beauty of society.

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Bridgeton‘s Nicola Caflan previously criticized the “downward” tendency of the media to focus on the weight of the performer. Unfortunately, this is a message that needs to be repeated, both for the media and for the general public. On Sunday, the actress posted a gorgeous selfie Twitter together with PSA:

“Hello! So just the thing – if you have an opinion on my body, please don’t share it with me.
Most people behave well and don’t try to be abusive, but I’m just one real person, and it’s very hard to accept the burden of thousands of opinions about how you look being sent directly to you every day. If you have an opinion about me, that’s fine, I understand that I’m on TV and that people will have something to think and say, but I ask you not to send it to me directly «

This really couldn’t be a smarter request! Unfortunately, at the dawn of social media sometimes even the most well-meaning fans can be annoying with their comments.

As it happens Yellow jackets star Melanie Linsky there was also something to be said about busy people who are worried about her weight on Twitter. After a recent conversation with Rolling Stone about her experience with body shakers she retweeted a post after that time removed from the writer Ashley S. Ford, about people who are “embarrassed” that she is “not skinny and also not trying to lose weight”.

Mom added:

“The story of my life since then Yellow jackets the premiere took place. The most outrageous are the words “I care about her health!” people … bitch, you don’t see me on my Peloton! You don’t see me running around the park with a child. Lean doesn’t always mean healthy. “

Yes! Tell them!

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Melanie’s husband Jason Ritter also weighed, expressing the same feeling as Nicholas, though his suggestion of lous was a little less polite:

“If someone has additional unwanted comments about * someone’s * body, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink on their own forehead and swan dive right into the sun.”

We cannot say that we disagree. As a rule, we should all avoid commenting on other people’s bodies – especially on social networks. Let’s hope people take this message to heart!

[Image via Nicola Coughlan/Melanie Lynskey/Instagram]

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